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PALMINA Invest is a global investment consultancy. Our team brings decades of experience in finance, consulting, and law to provide businesses and investors a full suite of services. We operate in innovation hubs all over the world including Sydney, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Dubai, London, Zurich, Moscow, Tallinn, San Francisco, and Toronto.


We partner with innovative businesses to help them develop and execute strategically. Companies looking for fundraising (VC, ICO, etc.) can benefit from our global network of investors. Click here to see companies we have worked with or here to see a full description of our services.


We connect investors with top-quality businesses and projects. Throughout the investment process, we support both the client and investor to ensure the deal goes smoothly. Click here to see companies that have been vetted by our experts, or contact us to learn about other projects in our portfolio.

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Anna Palmina

Managing Director

Japan, HK, UK

15 years in Investments, Financial and Capital Markets, FinTech, Business Development


Mila Fedchenko

BizDev Consultant

Middle East, Russia

10 years in Consulting, Startup Acceleration, Venture Capital and Private Equity Transactions


Marina Danylyuk

Project Manager & Legal Advisor

Estonia, Russia, Ukraine

10 years in Consulting, Commercial, Corporate, Bankruptcy and Criminal law. Mediation and Litigation specialist.


Daniel Armitage

Blockchain and Fintech Analyst

USA, Canada

Experience in Fintech, Crypto Trading, and ICO Advisory

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