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Palmina Invest works with top analytic teams.

We rely on professional independent researchers and all outcomes based on detailed project due-diligence and our partners experience and expertise. For projects: if we consider results of that research as positive we would be happy to work with your team as strategic partners/investors. If no we will show the right course. Survey results will help you investigate possible fields of future improvements in order to reach the project goals. For investors: We make technical audi and Due Dilligence to help you to make a right choice and smart investment.

Travel Rule Report
Cryptocurrencies and virtual assets (VA) as an accepted part of the financial markets, have attracted the attention of regulatory bodies, including the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).
This report introduces you to the Travel Rule framework, demonstrates how financial intermediaries can comply with the standards and highlights differences for countries that have implemented the rule.
Обзор правил крипто переводов Travel Rule
Криптовалюты или виртуальные активы (VA), как часть финансовых рынков, привлекли внимание регулирующих органов, в том числе Группы Разработки Финансовых Мер по Борьбе с Отмыванием Денег (FATF).
Данный обзор познакомит Вас с новыми правилами для крипто переводов (транзакций), даст ответ на вопрос, как финансовые посредники могут соблюдать эти стандарты, и продемонстрирует различия между регулированием стран, которые уже внедрили эти рекомендации.
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Polkadot is a heterogeneous multi‑chain technology.
Fundraising status: Finished
100MW 18,500 sq.m. mining data center in Bratsk with access to cheapest energy in the region. With large scaling potential (1GW+ available in the region) and energy prices of $0.03 BitRiver is becoming one of the most competitive mining facilities globally.
Fundraising status: Finished