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Palmina Invest works with top analytic teams in crypto market.

We rely on professional independent researchers and all outcomes based on detailed project due-diligence and our partners experience and expertise.

For projects: If we consider results of that research as positive we would be happy to work with your team as strategic partners/investors. If no we will show the right course. Survey results will help you investigate possible fields of future improvements in order to reach the project goals.

For investors: We make technical audit (code audit), token analytics and team Due Dilligence to help you to make a right choice and smart investment.

Analysed projects

TON Blockchain — a scalable and flexible blockchain architecture that consists of a master chain and up to 292 accompanying blockchains.
Fundraising status: Ended
Polkadot is a heterogeneous multi‑chain technology.
Fundraising status: Ongoing
The Aion network is a multi-tier blockchain network designed to support a future where many blockchains exist to solve unique industry problems and to power the services of the modern world.
Fundraising status: Ended
100MW 18,500 sq.m. mining data center in Bratsk with access to cheapest energy in the region. With large scaling potential (1GW+ available in the region) and energy prices of $0.03 BitRiver is becoming one of the most competitive mining facilities globally.
Fundraising status: Ongoing
The project is aimed at creating risk-metrics and leading indicators to discover market manipulations and uncover hidden risks. To make crypto markets fair, understandable and transparent for both retail and professional investors, NagaGuard rely on analysis of big data sets from a number of leading crypto exchanges, examination of social behaviour as well as the scrutiny of market microstructure.
Fundraising status: Ongoing
A Peer-to-Peer Digital Contract System
Paygine is an open financial platform designed to operate within its own proprietary banking structure and designed to serve crypto-business needs
ICORating: Positive
Fundraising status: Ongoing
Hypernet is a protocol for high performance computing across a distributed network of devices
Fundraising status: Ongoing
Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems
POA Network
POA Network is an Ethereum-based platform that offers an open-source framework for smart contracts
Fundraising status: Ongoing
Vite is a decentralized platform for event creation, promotion, and ticket sales
Fundraising status: Ended
The LINK Network provides smart contracts with data, bank payments and access to APIs
Fundraising status: Ended
We are developing multiple blockchain based solutions to bring back the trust to the charity sector by making donations trackable and efficient
Fundraising status: Ended
NKN (New Kind of Network)
NKN is the new kind of network connectivity protocol & ecosystem powered by blockchain for an open, decentralized, and shared Internet
Fundraising status: Ended
Blockchain protocol
Fundraising status: Ended
Global commercial real estate marketplace, which use blockchain as a transport for assets and solves two major problems for an individual investor – access and liquidity. Full compliance with financial regulations and institutional grade management.
Fundraising status: Ongoing