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Listing, Liquidity and IR Checklist

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Check the Listing and Investor Relations Checklist.
  2. Click “APPLY” and fill out the questionnaire about your company including links to materials. If you need any assistance please contact our team:
    Irina Marenich, Telegram - @irina_marenich
    Kristina Melamed, Telegram - @kristina_mg
  3. Company materials will be reviewed and you will be provided with feedback and recommendations. If it is necessary to improve or create some materials, we can help you with this.
  4. When the materials meets requirements, we are ready to present your company to our Global Investor Network & Exchanges.
  5. As additional service we can arrange a call / meeting with Investors or RoadShow.


Investor Relations, IPO, STO, IEO

1 Application form (Apply below) Mandatory
2 Business plan Mandatory
3 Legal, tax, finance structure Mandatory
Corporate Finance
4 Audit report (for Exchange Listing) Mandatory
5 Token Economics Audit Optional
6 Company Valuation Modelling Mandatory
7 Prospectus Optional
Investor Relations
8 List of current investors/ Investor references Optional
9 Roadshow Plan Mandatory
10 Investor pack Optional
11 Investment memorandum Mandatory
12 Materials translation: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Arabic and other Optional
13 Market Research Optional
14 Competitors Analysis Mandatory
15 Company Report Optional
16 Regular Analytical Reports Optional
17 Legal Opinion Mandatory for some exchanges
18 Listing Package Mandatory
19 Key team members CVs, Achievements, References, Rewords, Publications Mandatory
20 Due Diligence Report Mandatory for some exchanges
21 Security Check Mandatory for some exchanges
22 Corporate Restructuring Optional
23 Shareholders/Founders agreement Optional
24 Token Purchase Agreements Optional
Public Relations
25 Community Audit Mandatory for some exchanges
26 Listing PR Plan Optional
27 Communication Strategy Optional
28 Smart Contract Audit Mandatory
29 Technical Audit Optional
30 Code Audit Mandatory for some exchanges
31 IT Infrastructure audit Optional
32 Info Security audit Mandatory for some exchanges
Government Relations
33 Documents for Regulators Mandatory for some exchanges
34 Documents for Banks Mandatory for some exchanges